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This website is dedicated to overnight minimum temperatures in the UK

Meopham is situated on the North Downs in Kent, 480 feet (150 metres) above sea level. We are approximately 5 miles south of Gravesend. I have sixweather stations. At my home in central Meopham I am using a Ventus W830 automatic weather station, at Lances Close in Meopham a Netatmo. In Holdsoll Street and Luddesdown both Ventus W830 and in happy Valley in Meopham and Aylesham near Dover a Ubibot sensor. In addition to this, I have a temperature sensor (data logger) set up in the frost hollow in Shipley Hills Road in Meopham where I take manual readings. Under the right conditions (i.e a cold clear night). temperatures can be up to 4c lower than in the village. 

Due to the closure of the Met office weather station at Gravesend Broadness in August 2018, our nearest met office station is now at East Malling. The nearest private weather station is at Nursery Road, Meopham which went live in early opened in 2019. New Ash Green (Redhill Wood) is another nearby amateur weather station situated in a frost hollow next to Hartley Bottom Road, in between Longfield and Ridley. Under the right condtions, this station can often experience very cold overnight minimum temperatures and in fact fell to -15.3c on 28th February 2018 

I started logging temperatures in Meopham back in 1974. I had a Stevenson’s screen in my parents back garden and recorded the min/max temperature each day. It was the overnight minimum temperature which I was most interested in. I also recorded the warmest and coldest places each day in the UK.  In those days you had to rely upon the daily papers like the Daily Express for detailed wether information or a call to the London Weather Centre. In those days, the coldest places overnight were often Tummel Bridge in Perthshire (Met office station closed in 1992, however a new amateur station opened in October 2018), Glenlivet in the highlands and Eskdalemuir (which is still going). I continued logging temperatures up until 1979, Since then, I have still taken a keen interest in the weather except I didn’t log any temperatures.....until June 2015 that is, when I decided to start again after a gap of 36 years. What a different ball game now !!! The emergence of amateur weather stations with their own websites and weather websites hosting amateur stations data. I then started looking at the coldest places overnight in the UK and found a whole range of new weather stations had emerged like Katesbridge in Northern Ireland, Santon Downham in Suffolk, which is situated in the Thetford Forest. Fascinating as these places can get very cold temperatures overnight even in summer. There are a number of amateur stations in the South of England which can get cold nights even in summer. The ones I look out for are Old Alresford in Hampshire, Chesham in Buckinghamshire, Redhill Aerodrome in Surrey and the famous Chipstead Valley in Surrey (sadly does not have a live online station) but the owner of the site kindly provides me with the most extreme readings. In Wales, which is often the coldest place in the UK particulalry in Spring and Summer is St Harmon in Powys (Wales). in Scotland, Carrbridge No.2 recorded an overnight minimum of -3c in August 2016.


Disclaimer: Please note, information on this website contains a large amount of data from amateur weather stations. We advise if you want official data and forecasts please vistit the Met office website www.metoffice.gov.uk Meopham Weather cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies in data




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   Lowest Minimum -5.8c  13/Feb/21

   Lowest Maximum -2.0c  08/Feb/21

   Highest Maximum 12.7c 28/Jan/21

   Highest Minimum 8.9c  20/Jan/21



   Lowest Minimum -1.9c  31/Dec/20

   Lowest Maximum 0.2c   31/Dec/20

   Highest Maximum 37.4c 31/Jul/20

   Highest Minimum 16.2c  22/May/20



   Lowest Minimum -5.2c  31/Jan/19

   Lowest Maximum 0.9c  23/Jan/19

   Highest Maximum 38.1c 25/Jul/19

   Highest Minimum 19.7c  25/Jul/19



   Lowest Minimum -9.4c   28/Feb/18

   Lowest Maximum -1.2c   01/Mar/18

   Highest Maximum 34.6c 15/Jul/18

   Highest Minimum 19.3c   27/jul/18



   Lowest Minimum -5.2c  22/Jan/17

   Highest Maximum  31.4c 18/Jun/17


All Time Records

   Highest Maximum 38.1c  25/Jul/19

   Lowest Minimum -10.0c  29/Dec/76


Lowest Minimum Temperature

Braemar -27.2c  -    11/Feb/1895


Altnaharra  -27.2c - 30/Dec/95


Lowest Maximum Temperature

Fyvie Castle -15.9c - 29/Dec/95


Highest Minimum Temperature

Brighton 23.9c - 03/Aug/90


Highest Maximum Temperature

Cambridge Botanic Garden

38.7c  - 25/Jul/19 


Lowest Minimum So far

Braemar   -23.0c 11Feb/21


Lowest Maximum So far

Braemar   -6.3c 11/Feb/21


Highest Maximum So far

Kew Gardens 13.9c 15/Feb/21


Highest Minimum So far

St Marys Airport (Isles of Scilly) 10.3c


GFS - Minimum Temperature Forecast from www.theweatheroutlook.com

Lowest Minimum Temperature

Elmstone -21.3c  30/Jan/47


Lowest Maximum Temperature


Highest Minimum Temperature


Highest Maximum Temperature

Faversham  38.4c  25/Jul/19

Rain & Snow Radar - White = RAIN  Pink = SNOW